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Civil engineers define the heights of innovations. They are the ones who make the impossible things possible. This is the ultimate challenge for all the budding engineers to put their skills to test. It’s a competition which covers several aspects of civil engineering such as designing skyscrapers and bridges and manipulating 3D shapes to create […]


It is our annual college festival which brings together all the schools in our college. The festival which takes place in February signifies the beginning of a new year and new learning experiences. This event is a practical learning experience for our students, where they learn how to raise money, market themselves and manage a […]

SQL Maestro

SQL Maestro – A Database design competition Under this competition a problem statement will be provided. It will ask you to design a database which should be able to query and modify the database.

Admission Helpline

ADMISSION OPEN : 9301223688, admission@skitm.in