Prof. Sandeep Nighojkar

Head of Department

Department of Civil Engineering

The Department focuses on advanced research and education in the broad areas of Geotechnical, Structural, Transportation, and Water Resources & Environmental Engineering.

Intake, Affiliation and Duration

  1. Program: B.Tech. (Civil Engineering)
  2. Intake: 90
  3. Duration: 04 Years
  4. Approved By: AICTE
  5. Affiliation: Rajeev Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal

  1. Program: Diploma (Civil Engineering)
  2. Intake: 30
  3. Duration: 03 Years
  4. Approved By: AICTE
  5. Affiliation: Rajeev Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal


To be a centre of excellence by producing technically civil engineers who could face dynamic challenges confronting society.


  1. To produce technically competent and globally employable civil engineers by providing excellent education and field exposure
  2. To develop industry-academia relationship by providing consultancy services.
  3. To meet the challenges confronting society by undertaking research and continuing education programmes for academic and field community.
  4. To organise co-curricular and extracurricular activities for overall personality development of civil engineering graduates.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The Program Educational Objectives for the Civil Engineering are to prepare our students to:

  1. Achieve excellence in engineering decision-making and design,
  2. Attain leadership careers in engineering practice,
  3. Complete graduate professional engineering education,
  4. Pursue advanced study and research in engineering, and
  5. Engage in diverse, alternative career choices

Programme Outcomes (POs)

  1. Understanding of engineering fundamentals and their application to the solution of problems,
  2. Completion of a broad-based curriculum rich in liberal studies intended to raise awareness of cultural contexts and societal issues,
  3. Creation of sound designs subject to uncertainty and to multiple societal and engineering constraints,
  4. Experience with the process of research inquiry,
  5. Demonstrated skill at learning,
  6. Project management skills and an aptitude for management of multiple tasks,
  7. Creative, independent thinking and a tolerance for ambiguity,
  8. Communication skills, both written and oral,
  9. A capacity for leadership, inclusiveness, and teamwork,
  10. Professionalism, including ethics,
  11. A desire to provide service to society, and
  12. An understanding of the contemporary dynamism of the CEE profession and of the need for continued scholarship.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

  • Competence in Civil Engineering: Educating students with fundamental mathematical, scientific, and engineering knowledge to have a significant and positive long-term impact on the field of civil engineering.
  • Usage of Cutting Edge Technology: Inspiring students and preparing them for successful professional careers using appropriate techniques, resources and modern attitudes and modeling to complex engineering activities and research.
  • Ability to Coordinate and communicate in groups: Emphasizing the importance of working in a team effectively and to communicate properly within the team to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Continuous improvement: Motivate students in learning to learn and the ability to keep learning for a lifetime to increase their professionalism, update and deepen their knowledge through the development of the profession.

Civil engineers design, plan, organize and oversee the building of structures such as dams, bridges, gas and water supply systems, sewerage systems and roads.

Civil engineers may do some or all of the following:

  1. Consult with clients, government officials and other professionals on the requirements of each project
  2. Evaluate the suitability of proposed construction and development sites
  3. Plan and design structures such as roads, drainage systems, buildings, dams or wharves
  4. Work out whether structures will be able to withstand the loads that will be placed on them by people, weather and other natural forces
  5. Prepare reports, working drawings and specifications
  6. Prepare cost estimates and evaluate the cost efficiency of projects
  7. Assess environmental impacts of proposed developments
  8. Get plans approved by relevant authorities and obtain building permits
  9. Supervise construction to ensure structures are built correctly
  10. Ensure assets such as water plants and roading are efficiently managed.


  1. 1. ‘THRILL-O-CIVIL’ an inter college competition is organized from last 4 consecutive years in which more than 500 students participated from different colleges.
  2. Civil Mania.

Faculty Development Program

  1. 6 days training on surveying using Auto Level organized for 2nd year students. Students gained knowledge on how to operate different instruments used in Auto Level Surveying.
  2. 10 days software training (Staad Pro) for 3rd year students was organized. The students learned the Analysis & Design of RCC Structures using STAAD.
  3. Training on STAAD Pro and SAP 2000.
  4. Training on Structural Design using SAP2000.

Workshop & Training

  1. A workshop on "Quality Parameters & Behavior of Concrete“. The main objective was to introduce students with working, quality parameters, and behavior of concrete through Mobile Concrete Lab. For demonstration, we had among us Er. Deepak Chouhan from ULTRATECH CEMENT L IMITED.
  2. A Workshop on Quality Parameters & Behavior of Concrete.
  3. Year wise workshop and training based on their curriculum.
  4. Software based training on STAAD Pro, ETAB, SAP etc. by departmental faculties and professionals from the industry.

Expert Lectures

  1. Lecture by Er. S.C. Jain (Retd. Chief Engg. Military Engineering.)
  2. Lecture by Er. S.K. Vijayvargiya from SV Construction, an Entrepreneur in the field of Civil Engineering to through light on entrepreneurship.
  3. Dr. O.P Bhatia, Ex Director, SGSITS is invited frequently for expert guidance in the field of Concrete technology and Transportation engineering for 2nd and 3rd year students in every semester.
  4. Dr. Jayprakash Saxena is invited for expert guidance in the field of Engineering Geology.
  5. Dr. R.K Srivastava is invited for expert guidance in the field of Water Resources Engineering.
  6. Mr. Rajesh Raikwar taught about process of meditation and its benefits.

National Seminar

  1. National Seminar was conducted by Civil Engineering department on 01 may 2015 on Advancement in Future concrete in which around 200 students and 50 faculty members attended the seminar given by :
  2. Prof. Bhishwajit Bhattacharjee from IIT Delhi address as a key speaker and Dr. S. V Deodhar Ex Principal College of Engineering, Dhule address as secondary speaker.

Faculty Achievement:

  1. Prof. Reeta Gupta attended FDP at IIT, Indore.
  2. Prof. Shakti Pandey attended FDP at IIT, Indore.
  3. Prof. Vishal Porwal published research paper manuscript title “Studies on Tyre Aggregate Concrete with Fly Ash” on 08-08-2016 under International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) Volume V.
  4. Prof. Avani Mandlik published research paper manuscript name “Behavior of Symmetrical RCC and Steel Framed Structures under Seismic and Wind Loading” Manuscript ID “3IJ07S154” on 15-08-2016 under International Journal of Research and Scientific Innovation (IJRSI) Volume III Issue VIII.

Student Achievement:

  1. RGPV Chancellor’s Scholarship of Rs. 20000/- to each, Aditya Ihanwar & Almas Qureshi for their meritorious.
  2. Harsh Upadhyay, student of 3rd year won Gold Medal in2nd Annual International Gosuku-Ryu Karate-Do Championship. It was organized by Indore District Karate Association and held at Indore.
  3. The students of 2nd year secured first and third position in Bridge Competition organized by IIT Guwahati.
  4. Student of 3rd year Akash Rathore won 1st price in inter college dance competition held at Medicaps Institute, Indore. April 2017
  5. Student of 3rd year Devshree Malviya and Divya Panwar got 1st prize in ‘Halla-Bol’ event of annual function of Aayam in SGSITS, Indore. April 2017.
  6. Chetan Sharma BE IV year 2017 batch participated in “Power lifting event” 2016, performed well and secured 4th place in the competition.
  7. RGPV Nodal Cricket Championship head at B.M college in which a cricket team from ATC participated and secured 2nd position in which 2 students of Civil was also the members of the team March 2017 Sumit Bilthariya (CE 3rd year) and Yash Liladiya (CE 3rd year).
  8. It is also a matter of pride that Sumit bilthariya (CE 3rd year) was selected to represent State level cricket tournament. The state team won the runner-up trophy. And he also got selected to represent RGPV in University Level Tournament.
  9. Divya Parmar (CE 3rd year) selected in Handball in Indore team and represented Indore in State Level Handball tournament.
  10. Nirmal Sharma and Ankit Vyas of third year participated in ‘Fluxus’ organized by IIT, Indore and secured first position.
  11. The Annual Technical Fest at IIT KANPUR was organized from 3-6 March 2016.The Civil Department at IIT had organized an event for BRIDGE DESIGN WORKSHOP.
  12. From Acropolis Technical Campus, Shivesh Chaturvedi participated in the event and got excellence certificates.
  13. The Annual Technical Fest at IIT ROORKEE was organized from 18-20 March 2016. The Civil Department at IIT had organized an event for BRIDGE MAKING COMPETETION. Nihal Akhote participated in the event and secured second position. The winning team got cash prize of Rs.6000/- and the excellence certificates.
  14. The students of CED participated in EASEL competition organized at IIT Guwahati on Sept 4, 2016 and bagged first prize in Bridge competition.
  15. From 2nd year Yatharth Tawar, Rishab Sharma, Achal Pathak have secured 1st prize and a cheque of Rs.12,000/-. Sagar Jain and Piyush Rasela also participated in the same event.
  16. IGS seminar (Indian Geo technical Society) Priyanshu Vani of 4th year, Sunil Kumawat, Aakash Rathore of 3rd year and Meet Thakkar of 2nd year have attended seminar of IGS held on 22nd Oct 2016 at AITR.
  17. Harsh Upadhyay got silver medal in KARATE at SCKFI 14th level Karate Championship.
  18. Golu Panwar, Lokesh Panwar and Mayur Jaiswal participated in IIT Guwahati TECHNEECH EASEL competition on Sept 4, 2016 and secure IInd position in bridge making competition.
  19. Students of 3rd year participated in Annual TechFest at IIT Guwahati from 2-09-14 to 7-09-14 in bridge making competition .
  20. Prince Gupta, Vinay Munot, Rohit Agrawal, Mohit Agrawal secure 1st position along with a cash prize of Rs. 60,000/- and Priyadrashi Kumar, Nirmal Sharma, Ankit Vyas and Amal Dubey Secure 3rd position in the competition.
  21. Ankit Vyas, Ankit Patel, Mansoor Chakkiwala, Anjilina John, kumar Ashish , Balram Dhakkat, Divya Jain student of 3rd and Amit Zarola, student of 4th year attended the grand finale of COCubes conducted by Ultratech and also the Expert Lecture By Dr. M.S Shetty on 23-03-15 at Ravindra Naty Grah Indore.
  22. Shagun Soni, Udit Bhope Rishab Soni Students of 2nd year participated in Spot Light event in IIT Roorkee from 27-03-2015 to 29-03-2015 and secure 7th position under the guidance of Prof. Aarti Tiwari and also Kokil Gupta, Diksha Yadav , Prakhar kanungo and Kratika Vishwakarma attended workshop over Foundation Analysis over there.
  23. The Cube casting was done on 13-02-2015 and the testing of those cubes was conducted on 19-02-2015. In this competition the student had casted the cube by using low cost material Fly ash which had made their casting economical
  24. The List of winners is as follow 1st Mr. Harsh Upadhyay and Mr. Amal Dubey 2nd Mr. Vinay Munot and Mr. Mohit Agrawal 3rd Mr. Ranveer Singh Sherawat and Mr. Prince Gupta
  25. Participated in NIT-WARANGAL and got 3rd prize in “extreme engg.” Namely - PRERAK CHOUKADE, SUMIT KUSHWAH, SRASTI GUPTA Attended national seminar on “CONSTRUCTION AND PLANNING MANAGEMENT” in event “SRUJAN – 2013” in IPS Academy. Namely – Shrasti Gupta, Sumit Kushwah, Prerak Choukade, Sunny Kushwah, Prateeksha Attarde, Amit Zarola.
  26. Participated in “LAST STRAW” and “MODEL MAKING”compitition in event “SRUJAN – 2013” in IPS Academy. Namely – Shrasti Gupta, Sumit Kushwah, Prerak Choukade, Sunny Kushwah, Prateeksha Attarde.
  27. . Final year students namely Sumit Kushwah, Prerak Choukade, Shrasti Gupta attended workshop on “AUTO-CAD and PRO-E” conducted at “IIT BOMBAY” by “aakar 2013”.
  28. Participated in “BRIDGE IT” event conducted at “IIT BOMBAY” by “aakar 2013”, namely - Sumit Kushwah, Prerak Choukade, Srasti Gupta, Prateeksha Attarde, Amit Zarola, Sunny Kushwah.
  29. Participated in “AXIS’11” at VNIT NAGPUR and secured 1st position in “CRIPEDO” by Srasti Gupta, Bilal Rashid, Rohit Verma.
  30. Gourav Sharma, Prabal Godha, Praveen Patidar, Rounak Jain, Sidharth Bhadoria participated in spot light concrete boat floating and loading event at IIT Roorkey on 22 mar 13 and secure IIIrd position .
Mr. Sandeep Nighojkar
Associate Professor & Head
Mr. Shahjad Mohammad
Assistant Professor
Mr. Piyush Sharma
Assistant Professor
Mr. Vinay Swarnkar
Assistant Professor
Mr. Shakti Pandey
Assistant Professor
Mr. Yahwant Singh Shakyawar
Assistant Professor
Ms. Prachi Gour
Assistant Professor
Ms. Reeta Gupta
Assistant Professor
Mr. Ramchandra Jadhav
ITI (Diploma)
24 Years
Mr. Mohd. Altaf Khan
11 Years
Mr. Vijay Upadhye
B.E. (E.C.)
25 Years
Mr. Rohit Choudhary
B.E. (Civil)
3 Years
Mr. Santosh Karma
Diploma (Civil)
3 Years

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