To promote streak of entrepreneurship among students from various disciplines and to help the future entrepreneurs in enhancing their knowledge and skills, Centre for Entrepreneurship was established in 2008. The Centre seeks to impart skills as well as act as a catalyst and incubator for entrepreneurial activities.

The centre has established strategic linkages with associations like NIESBUD, EDI Ahmadabad, The Indus Entrepreneurs, (TiE), ISOEL- International School of entrepreneurial leadership USA and National Entrepreneurship Network, Bangalore (NEN), FICCI FLO Indore chapter, etc.

E Cell is student driven and faculty guided with the mission to facilitate the education and development of students seeking to capitalize on their entrepreneurial spirit. We strive to foster innovation & creativity and support the students in their professional development.

E Cell operates under various verticals as below-

Awareness Cell engages students into all those activities that Creates awareness about Entrepreneurship. The main objective is to inspire students and help them discover their strengths, weaknesses and interest areas. Awareness cell organizes speaker sessions, visits, competitions, movie screening etc

SVMU specially focuses on doing activities that will help students to build real knowledge on entrepreneurship. Target audience being aspiring entrepreneurs and student entrepreneurs, SVMU runs various courses and workshops on starting up and scaling business. It also engages students through mentoring.

IPPC is to create awareness and protect the intellectual property of any innovative idea,product or design.

Digicro is the design club of E Cell where students learn software like Photoshop and Coral as well as improve their expression and communication through designing digital posters.

The literary club focuses on improving the communication skills of students to enable them communicate effectively through activities and events.

YuvAcro is the social and youth development club of E Cell which works in sensitizing students towards the Nation building and works into following areas-

Education and Skill




Arts (Sports and Culture)

Social Initiatives


  1. To disseminate knowledge and insights in entrepreneurial theory and practice through lectures, activities and workshops.
  2. To seek tie-ups with Non-profit Entrepreneurial organizations connecting E-Cell to a global network of entrepreneurs
  3. Start Campus Companies
  4. Inculcating the spirit of Entrepreneurship in youth.

E Cell act as a facilitator and resource institution to motivate, guide and help prospective and existing entrepreneurs in their entrepreneurial endeavors through positive training and interventions. It works with the collaboration of EDI Ahmadabad, NSTEDB,RGPV and various other governmental organizations so that the students can be provided active support for their future venture.

Student Orientation ( Competitions/Workshops/ Seminars/ Conferences/Summits etc)

Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp

Corporate In-House Conclave

Student Mentoring

Start Up Internships

S.No. Name Designation Tel. No. Email ID
1 Mr. Lokesh Tripathi Chairperson, Entrepreneurship Cell 0731-2581222 (O), 9589885479 (M) lokeshtripathi@skitm.in
2 Prof. Deepshikha Yadav CS Department Faculty Leader 0731-2581000 deepshikhayadav@skitm.in
3 Prof. Kratika Chouhan EC Department Faculty Leader 0731-2581000 kratikachouhan@skitm.in
4 Prof. Ritesh Rathore ME Department Faculty Leader 0731-2581000 riteshrathore@skitm.in
5 Dr. Sonal Gupta FMS Department Faculty Leader 0731-2581000 sonalgupta@skitm.in
6 Prof. Vinay Swarnakar CE Department Faculty Leader 0731-2581000 vinayswarnakar@skitm.in

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