Dr. Mahesh Pophaley

Head of Department

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Acropolis Technical Campus, Indore offers Mechanical Engineering programs at Bachelor and Diploma (3 yrs) levels. Its strong and interactive curriculum and hands-on learning enable students to take their career to the next level, whether it is in the professional engineering practice or in advanced study. Mechanical Engineering is an evergreen branch and a Mechanical Engineer works in various areas which include not only traditional jobs in operation and maintenance, allied engineering, Government departments but also working in the emerging field of like Software industry, Management etc.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at ATC has the state-of art facilities available for its students. Right from its inception in 2009 the emphasis is on the high-quality teaching along with integrated laboratory experience, to prepare industry ready engineers. For this the Department is always on the toes to effectively connect teaching of engineering education with active research in different areas where faculty members and students get closely involved in knowledge gaining research activities.

Department has got a good blend of experienced and young, highly motivated faculties with rich academic experience. Most of the faculty members are presenting papers in several reputed National, International conferences on regular basis and delivering the Faculty Development Programs to strengthen their academics.

Department is following the culture of working on outcome based teaching-learning process. Department is organizing software training to second year students as well as diploma engineering students on regular basis, along with Soft Skill development programs for students in coordination with Career Development Cell (CDC) Department. The department regularly organizes workshops, and many other short terms courses like Technical Skills Development courses as well and has been very successful in keeping students abreast with new and emerging technologies.

Department is regularly conducting industrial visits for the students to aware them about the working and other cultures of the industry. In industry students come across many Japanese cultures like TQM, TPM, Kaizen, 5S etc.

Laboratories in the Department

The department has well equipped more than 10 laboratories and a central workshop which are being supervised by experienced teachers having multiple exposures of industry and teaching. The department possesses a full cut section model of IC engine (Six cylinder Eicher engine) for demonstration of its complete working. The title of laboratories are given below

  1. Thermodynamics / Thermal Engineering Lab
  2. Theory Of Machine / Dynamics Of Machine Lab
  3. Material Technology Lab
  4. Fluid Mechanics And Hydraulics Lab
  5. Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Lab
  6. Heat & Mass Transfer Lab
  7. Mechanical Vibration Lab
  8. Strength Of Materials Lab
  9. Internal Combustion Engine / Automobile Lab
  10. CAD/CAM/CIM Lab
  11. Mechanical Measurement And Control Lab
  12. Basic Mechanical Engineering Lab
  13. Project Lab
  14. Central Workshop

Software/ Training Module Available With the Department

  1. Auto CAD
  2. CNC Drilling Trainer
  3. Cut Section Model Of Complete Engine Assembly Including Transmission System (Eicher Heavy Vehicle)
  4. CREO Software
  5. AFT Fathom
  6. CNC Simulator

Intake, Affiliation and Duration

  1. Program: B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering)
  2. Intake: 90
  3. Duration: 04 Years
  4. Approved By: AICTE
  5. Affiliation: Rajeev Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal

  1. Program: Diploma (Mechanical Engineering)
  2. Intake: 60
  3. Duration: 03 Years
  4. Approved By: AICTE
  5. Affiliation: Rajeev Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal


To be renowned for research lead quality education creating skill-ready, innovative and entrepreneurial Mechanical Engineering Graduates.


Mechanical Engineering Department is committed to

  1. Quality Education: Prepare responsible graduates having sound fundamental knowledge and problem solving ability, by constantly improving pedagogical methods in academic programme.
  2. Innovation: Prepare graduates to respond effectively to the persistent needs of the industry by inculcating creative thinking and competitive spirit in all activities.
  3. Research: Develop partnership with various organizations to achieve excellence in academics through collaborative research and by providing consultancy to the industries.
  4. Entrepreneurship: Cultivate the spirit of calculated risk taking and thus self employment among graduates.
  5. Value: Prepare graduates having trust and obedience for the growth of the society at large.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

Motive: Through brilliance and hard work, the graduates should make a habit of making impossible possible.

To achieve career and professional accomplishments, a graduate of Mechanical Engineering Programme, after five years and hence, must exhibit following qualities-

  1. PEO-I : Graduate must demonstrate a good use of applied mathematics, fundamentals of science and engineering, particularly Mechanical Engineering necessary to formulate, analyze and solve engineering problems.
  2. PEO-II: Graduate must foster innovation by transforming their ideas as proof-of-concepts towards novel solutions for real life interdisciplinary and disciplinary problems.
  3. PEO-III: Graduate must exhibit liveliness of continuous learning attitude towards recent developments and future technologies either by self study or continuing higher education in engineering or management.
  4. PEO-IV: Graduate must have acquired sufficient training and experience with an attitude to bear ethical responsibilities in professional carrier and develop Entrepreneurial skill.
  5. PEO-V: Graduate must be able to communicate effectively as member of multidisciplinary team.

Program Outcomes (POs)

Mechanical Engineering Graduate on the completion of programme will demonstrate

  1. An ability of applying knowledge of mathematical techniques, scientific theories, engineering fundamentals and an engineering specialization to the solution of simple to complex problems.
  2. An ability to identify, formulate, analyze and solve Mechanical Engineering problems, reaching substantiated conclusions using first principles of engineering and natural sciences.
  3. An ability to design and evaluate a Mechanical system component or a process that meet desired specifications and functional requirements, considering manufacturability, sustainability, environmental, societal, cultural and public health & safety issues.
  4. An ability to develop and conduct experiments using research methods, including collection and analysis of data to interpret and validate results for research based knowledge.
  5. An ability to develop/select and use appropriate techniques, tools, skills, engineering software and equipments necessary for practicing modeling, prediction etc. in engineering activities.
  6. An ability to understand contextual and contemporary knowledge to assess societal, health & safety, legal and cultural issues.
  7. The need for sustainable development by assessing the impact of professional engineering solutions in economic, environmental and societal contexts.
  8. An understanding of professional ethics & responsibilities to uplift norms of engineering practice.
  9. An ability to function as an individual and as a leader or team member in diverse teams or in a multi disciplinary settings.
  10. An ability to communicate effectively on engineering activities or otherwise in verbal, written and graphical form.
  11. An ability to engage in self education for lifelong learning by participating in quality improvement programmes and so, in the broadest context of technological change.
  12. An ability to practice financial planning and analysis of academic or industrial projects including the practice of principles and functions of management to develop managerial and entrepreneurial skills.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

    By the completion of program of mechanical Engineering graduates will demonstrate
  1. PSO 1 Professional Skills: Ability to understand basic principles and working of mechanical Engineering systems and processes and to apply these concepts in practical situations.
  2. PSO 2 Problem Solving Skills: An ability to understand and solve simple to complex problems across all domains of mechanical engineering.
  3. PSO 3 Computing and Research Skills: Ability to apply the knowledge of various computational techniques and /or otherwise to identify research gaps and provide solutions by new ideas.

Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest and oldest branches of engineering. Mechanical engineers are involved with the design, analysis, testing, manufacturing, control, operation, and maintenance of mechanical systems - that is, any system that has moving parts.

Some of the most common job functions of a mechanical engineer are:

  1. Product Design: Product designing, such as biomedical devices, internal combustion engines, fuel-efficient motor vehicles, motors and appliances.
  2. Research and Development: Researching new ideas and solutions that satisfy society’s demands or improving or expanding older ideas and solutions.
  3. Manufacturing: Designing and building the machines that mass produce consumer products. Of prime importance is designing and building machines that improve operating efficiency.
  4. Systems Management: System management of large industries such as manufacturing plant and power plant.
  5. Energy: Planning how energy is created, stored and moved in industries that produce and deliver electrical power, such as natural gas, oil and alternative energy.

In most of these areas, the mechanical engineer’s goal is to harness or create energy in machines such as boilers, air conditioners and refrigeration equipment. Product design is about designing and manufacturing tangible products, such as engines, personal computers and dishwashers. Mechanical engineers must be comfortable making decisions. They decide the size, material and shape of every part of a machine or mechanical device. Some decisions are critical to human life, such as those concerning the safety features of an industrial machine or a consumer product.


  1. Workshop
    1. BAJA SAEINDIA organized one-day workshop for all BAJA-2018 participating teams from Indore. The seminar delivered by Mr. Aporva Bapat who threw light on the application of CAE software in the BAJA, along with some very useful concepts of CAE&A. The workshop was attended by “Team Acro racerz”of our Institute along with faculty advisor.
    2. The department had organized an IC engine assembly and disassembly workshop for the diploma students. Students actively participated and learnt about the basics as well as intricate parts and processes of the engine. Prof Narendra Sharma and Mr. Naresh Amalnerkar coordinated the activity in Thermodynamics Lab.
  2. Industrial Training
    1. An Industrial visit was organized for the 3rd year students of the Mechanical Engineering Department at Chillar Plant near Crystal IT Park in Indore on 4th of January 2019.
    2. Third year students have visited industry of MMC company, Dewas, on 11-04-2018. The motto of this company is to rectify the problem with high standard of accuracy and precision. Mainly company done exaction of various heavy machinery part like cam shaft, turbine rotor and blade etc.
    3. Final year students had visited Gurukripa cold Storage at Tillor on 11-03-2018. Students have learnt about function and operation of commercial refrigeration system.
    4. Second year student have undergone an industrial visit at Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicle, Pithampur on 17-03-2018. Student got the excellent knowledge of various mechanical systems and their assembly line.
    5. Industrial Visit of 3 year student at Jash Engineering on 8/10/2018.
    6. A two day Industrial visit from 19 to 22 of August 2019 at Indian Air Force, 11 Base Repair Depot Nasik (OJHAR) was organized for students. The visit proved to be very useful for the students in enhancing their skills for Aircraft Maintenance, Manufacturing composites and Aviation Industry. About 27 Mechanical Students of final and third year had visited the site.
  3. Faculty Development Program (FDP)
  4. Departmental FDP had been conducted in the month of May in 2018. All the faculties took active part in the FDP. Every one come up with a unique topic and gave valuable information about that particular topic. The FDP was organized in a course of a week.

  5. Events/ Professional body’s activities.
    1. During E-week in Feb 2018, department organized design competition (by CREO software) and poster making competition (Logo of MED). Certificates and prizes were given by CDC department to the winning students. These activities were coordinated by Prof. Ajay Sikarwar and Prof. Ritesh Rathod.
    2. Acropolis Technical Campus conducted an outside training program in collaboration with IGTR, Indore from 16-04-2018 to 24-04-2018 under PMKVY.
    3. Department of Mechanical Engineering organized a very successful Major Project demonstration activity for B.E. final year students on 24/4/2018. Dr. N. Sohani from IET DAVV and Ms. Ragini Gureja Associate Manager HRM&C, Kirloskar Brothers Ltd Dewas, were the experts who evaluated students from all angles on their projects. The activity was coordinated by Prof. Hament Marmat. All the projects were well appreciated by experts and faculties of the institute.
    4. Students from the Louvain University, Belgium visited Acropolis Technical Campus under IngeniuxSud program for the project on Micro hydro Power Plant from 11/07/18 to 31/07/18. In ATC they have tested and recorded all the practical aspects of this project.
    5. A National level quiz is organized for second and third year student for enhancing analytical ability of students conducted on 11 September.
  6. Expert Lectures
    1. Expert talk had been delivered by Dr. D.P Agarwal on his Visit at Acropolis Technical Campus for Faculty and Students on date 16 Aug, 2018.
    2. Expert Lecture by Prof. Satish Purohit on Manufacturing technology advancement and material technology for mechanical students had been conducted on Aug 30, 2018
    3. Expert lecture Conducted by Prof. Satish Purohit on 20 September delivered the importance of Iron carbon Diagram in Steel Manufacturing and retaining its mechanical properties.


  1. Industrial Training and Industrial visits organized
    1. An Industrial visit was organized for B.Tech 2nd & 3rd year students of the Mechanical Engineering Department at Sanchi Dugdh Sang (Indore cooperative dairy federation limited), Indore on 7th, February 2019. Mr. Ashutosh Dighe (visiting incharge) has shown the various units of the plant and explained the process from raw milk to the finished products like butter, ghee, dry milk etc. Students have learned the various process involved milk handling and processing, and packaging unit.
    2. An Industrial visit was organized for B.Tech 2nd & 3rd year students of the Mechanical Engineering Department at Coaching Depot Indore, Western Railways, Snehlataganj Indore on 26, February 2019
  2. Faculty Development Program (FDP)
  3. Departmental FDP had been conducted in the mnth of May in 2019. All the faculties took active part in the FDP. Every one come up with a unique topic and gave valuable information about that particular topic. The FDP was organized in a course of a week.

    1. Expert Lecture
    2. Expert Lecture Conducted by Mr Sumit Jain on Finite Element Analysis (CAE Tool) on Crash Analysis for Mechanical Department.
    3. An Expert Lecture Conducted By “Globlizer” to Guide students for MS program at Various Foreign Universities.
    4. Prof. A.G Ambekar delivered Expert Lecture to II Year Student on Mechanism of Machine Element,

Faculty Achievements


  1. Professor Dr. Mahesh Pophaley attended in Complimentary seminar on “MATLAB & SIMULINK for Engineering Education” organized by Math Works India at Indore on February 2016.
  2. Department of Mechanical Engineering had organized a CAD (Auto-CAD) software training program for the student of II & III year. The training was coordinated by Prof. Ajay Singh Sikarwar.
  3. Prof. Deepak Rathoriya participated in Research project “Earth air tunnel Heat Exchanger” under Department of Science & technology (DST)” IEDC program.
  4. Prof. Ajay Bhargava Published a paper on “Combined effect of various operating loads, number of feed water heaters and makeup water quantities on the performance of coal fired thermal power plant” in Cogent Engineering (ISSN: 2331-1916) Cogent OA, part of Taylor & Francis Group, © July 2016.
  5. Prof. Sandeep Badlani published a paper on “Wear analysis of clutch material by using Pin-on-dick Method” in International Journal of Recent Technology sciences and Management, (IJRTSM), May 2016.
  6. Prof. Nirmal Gupta Published a paper on “Implementation of 3-DOF Helmholtz resonator for acoustical noise attenuation of a Muffler” in International Journal of Science and Research Technology (IJSRT) July 2016.


  1. On 12/04/2017, Prof. Prasansa Saxena attended NPTEL Awareness Program at AITR, Indore.
  2. On 11/05/2017, Prof. Hemant Marmat got the letter of appreciation from BRBRAITT, Jabalpur on National Level Model competition cum exhibition on “Application of ICT in smart city Implementation” MARTCON 2017.
  3. On 22/05/2017 Prof. Ajay Bhargava successfully completed NPTEL online certification on “Outcome based pedagogic principles for effective teaching”.
  4. Dr. Mahesh Pophaley & Prof. Ajay Sikarwar attended Seminar on Material to System – MSC software technology on 08/07/2017 at Radisson Blue, Indore.
  5. Prof. Saurabh Joshi and Prof. Ravi Gujrati attended a seminar on Technologies for compliances to Bharat Stage VI norms under the organization of SAE India on 22/08/2017 at PIMR, Indore


  1. Prof Hemant Marmat of Mechanical Engineering department was selected for Leaders in Innovation and Fellowship (LIF) program, sponsored by Royal Academy of Engineering, London, UK. He was the only faculty selected for the program from central India. Program was held at RAE London from 26 Feb to 10 March 2018.
  2. Prof. C.S. Koria, Prof. A. B. Jayant, Prof. Narendra Sharma and Prof. Ravi Shankar Kumrawat attended a one day Industrial Seminar on “Finite Element Analysis and Crash Analysis” on 17/02/2018 at SGSITS Indore, sponsored by IICAE Indore.
  3. Dr. Mahesh Pophaley and Prof. A.B. Jayant attended 1-Day Workshop on ‘ECBC’ Energy Conservation Building Code, at School of Energy & Environment Management, RGPV Bhopal (M.P.) held on 28 Feb. 2018.
  4. Dr. Mahesh Pophaley, Prof. C S Koria, Prof. Ravi Kumrawat and Prof. Nirmal Gupta attended an expert talk by Mahindra official at AITR on 27 Jan 2018 from 9.0 to 11.0 am.
  5. Prof. Aman Sharma qualified for the GATE 2018 and ranked 2303 all over India by scoring 70.54 marks out of 100.
  6. Dr. Mahesh Pophaley attended 5-Days Short Term Course on ‘Reliability Engineering and Asset Management’ at Indian Institute of Technology Indore, (M.P.) under GIAN (Global Initiative for Academic Networks – MHRD Govt. of India) held from March 19 to 23, 2018.

Students and Faculty Participation

  1. The team Acroracerz from Mechanical Engineering Department participated in e-Baja 2018 and secured IVth position all over the India. The competition held in Feb 2018 at NETRIP Pithampur Indore. Team comprises of 25 students from all years including 02 students from EC department.
  2. Mechanical Engineering department students Mr. Deepak Bharaskar and Mr. Aziz Buriwals secured first position in GSEA and won Rs. 20,000/- for their start up of Eco paper products. Mr. Aziz Buriwals also went to Bangladesh for presenting their innovation in a global event.
  3. A team of students (Acroracerz) from Mechanical engineering department of Acropolis technical campus participated in SFJ (Student Formula Japan) 2014 from Indore, India. There were total five teams from India. Among all the Indian teams AcroracerZ was the only one which has cleared all the technical inspection and tests successfully at SFJ 2014. Team Acroracerz was the only team from India who had received THREE stickers at SFJ 2014. These three stickers show that team Acroracerz had qualified for the dynamic rounds. Team AcrorcerZ was the only team so far from central India who had participated in any international formula event.
  4. Newton Bhabha Scheme: Mechanical Engineering Department of Acropolis Technical Campus (ATC), Indore is proud to be associated as a direct partner with Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Indore in Newton- Bhabha Scheme for the programme “Building Capacity in Collaborative Research for Advanced Manufacturing”. Under the mentorship of IIT, Indore, Prof. Hemant Marmat is acting as project coordinator at ATC. Six students of our institute have worked as research staff at IIT, Indore.
  5. Prof Hament Marmat of Mechanical Engg department was selected for Leaders in Innovation and Fellowship (LIF) programme, sponsored by Royal Academy of Engineering, London, UK. He was the only faculty selected for the programme from central India. Programme was held at RAE London from 26 Feb to 10 March 2018.
  6. E Rikshwa The main goal of fabricating this project is to build the vehicle which will overcome the drawbacks of existing E rickshaw and cycle rickshaw, and will provide cost effectiveness by increasing the mileage. The group of students comprises of Ravi Gujrati, Pankaj Panchal, Mohit Kumawat and Sahil Rajz.

Student Achievements


  1. Rotisha Mishra attended the six foundational courses in Entrepreneurial Leadership on date 25th July 2015.
  2. Students bring laurels to the department and institute for clearing virtual round of NGKC -2015 at Indore
  3. Sidharth Vani Participated in the event Easel of Techniche 2015 and has secured 3rd position during 3rd September -6th September at IIT Guwahati
  4. Naman Agarwal participated in the event Robocylapse Techniche 2015 and has secured 3rd position during 3rd September -6th September at IIT Guwahati
  5. Naman Agarwal participated in the event Design of I.C. Engine ,Techniche 2015 and has secured 3rd position during 3rd September -6th September at IIT Guwahati
  6. Naman Agarwal participated in the event Design and fabrication of Quad copter (NAZA Softwere), Techniche 2015 and has secured 3rd position during 3rd September -6th September at IIT Guwahati
  7. Naman Agarwal participated in the Occasional training at Shree Singahi Thermal Power Plant (MPPGCL) ,Khandwa during 7th July to 21st July
  8. Student of third year Aanand Sharma, Aayush Suryawanshi attended the 2 day workshop on “Automobile & IC Engine” held at IIT Guwahati.
  9. Team AcroracerZ participated in NKRC-16 Competetion and won the best CAE award, best Autocross and runner up in virtual round.
  10. Student of third year Aanand Sharma, Ashutosh Tiwari, Gokul Ghate attended the 2 day workshop on “Aerodynamics” held at SGSITS Indore.
  11. Student of Second year Vaishnavi Kanungo played Semi-final in Hand ball semi-final at Nodels.
  12. Student of third year Shivang Asthana is a Runner up of state basketball Championship.


  1. On 05/04/2017, Mr. Abhishek Sharma & Abhishek Mishra student of Mechanical Engineering Department got the IPPC Certification.
  2. Student of final year diploma, Mr. Harsh Nayak & Miss. Shobha Sharma got placement in Gatiman Auto India Pvt. Ltd., Pithampur.
  3. Student of final year, Burhanuddin Malik got placed in TECHTURE, Indore on position of “BIM Author – MEP”.
  4. Student of Final year, Sarthak Jain got placed in JASH Engineering, Indore on position of “GET”.
  5. Student of final year, Shrusti Tiwari got placed in Force Motors Ltd Pune which offer the position of “GET (Graduate Engineer Trainee) for Dept: Engine Assembly Chakan plant on 11/7/2017.


  1. Mr. Shyam Singh Rajput, Mr. Tanishque Choubey and Mr. Deepak Malik of the department have got chancellor’s scholarship. Each one has got a cheque of Rs.20000/- from RGPV Bhopal.
  2. Final Year Student Appear for Campus Drive in Flavouraite PVT LTD at ATC. Lucky Thakur and Gurjeet Singh had got placed.
  3. Former Students Aanand Sharma and Harsh Navlani have Received Letter of Recommendation for MS Program from Department.
  4. II year student Sameer Tuteja attended an Industrial training program at Mahela Migma, Pithampur from 03 to 20 Jan 2018.
  5. Mechanical Students of ATC has participated in E BAJA 2019 organised at pithampur secured 3rd position .
  6. IIIrd year students, Mr. Himanshu Shukla and Shubham Shukla attended the 3 days short term course at IIT Indore, on “Surface Engineering and Material Science” from 26 to 28 March
  7. Two Student Sameer Tuteja and Sachin Verma had been selected for national Design Competition (1st Round) conducted by CAD center on 29/9/2018. Second Round is to be held on 15 October.
  8. Mr. Vidhanshu Singh Thakur has been selected for the position of Business Development Associate at BYJU’S - the Learning App.


  1. Sameer Tuteja published paper in International Journal of Research in Advance Technology, “Expanding Voice Commands for Visualiy Impaired Interfacing Google Home with Arduino using Webhooks” E-ISSN: 2321-9637, Vol. 7, No.4, Aprail-2019.
  2. Aniruddha Jain , Apoorw Rajoriya, Ashish Patidar, Aditya Joshi, Atharv Taose published paper in International Journal of Research in Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering, “Design And Fabrication of Automatic Drainage Cleaning Machine” Vol.7 Issue 5, May 2019, Page: - 42-47.
  3. Mr. Himanshu Shukla, fourth year student did his research internship as a part of his B.E project work at welding laboratory, Discipline of Metallurgy Engineering and materials science, IIT Indore on the topic “Friction stir processing of aluminium alloy” under the supervision of Dr. Jayaprakash Murugesan.
  4. Five students placed at Force Motors Saloni Potdar, Yash Yeole, Prashant Arya, Suraj Khandelwal and Tousif Hussain Qureshi.
Dr. Sanjay T. Purkar
Professor & Director
Dr. Mahesh Pophaley
Professor & Head
AVM Praveen Kumar, AVSM, VSM (Retd.)
Dean (Student Affairs) & CAO
Mr. Chandra Shekhar Koria
Assistant Professor
Mr. Narendra Sharma
Assistant Professor
Ms. Angur Bala Jayant
Assistant Professor
Mr. Ritesh Rathore
Assistant Professor
Mr. Pankaj Carpenter
Assistant Professor
Mr. Vivek Shukla
Assistant Professor
Mr. Kartik Upadhyay
Assistant Professor
Mr. Vikash Tiwari
Assistant Professor
Mr. Dheeraj Jain
Assistant Professor
Ms. Samta Jain
Assistant Professor
Mr. Ganesh Chouhan
Assistant Professor
Mr. Dinesh Lodhi
Assistant Professor
Mr. Ravishankar Kumrawat
Assistant Professor
Mr. Umashankar Prajapati
Assistant Professor
Mr. Ankush Katheria
Assistant Professor
Mr. Gajanan P. Zalte
Assistant Professor
Mr. Dattatray G. Patil
ITI (Turner)
35 Year Experience
Mr. Naresh Amalnelkar
ITI (Motor Mechanic)
30 Year Experience
Mr. Anil Solanki
ITI (Welder)
7 Year Experience
Mr. Mukesh Solanki
ITI (Diesel Mechanic)
2 Year Experience
Mr. Mahendra Sonp
ITI (Diesel Mechanic)
5 Year Experience

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