NAAC | Criteria 3

Research, Innovations and Extension

3.1. Resource Mobilization for Research

3.2 Innovation Ecosystem

3.3 Research Publication and Awards

S.No Name of the research papers Link
1 Security related issues in cloud computing: a  
2 Combined effect of various operating loads, number of feed water heaters and makeup water quantities on the performance of coal fired thermal power plant: a case study  
3 Analysis and decision making of misdiagnosed disease by naïve bayesian algorithm in healthcare  
4 Performance evaluation of profile modifications on straight-bladed vertical axis wind turbine by energy and spalart allmaras models  
5 A novel approach of identifying and preventing malicious users on social network  
6 acceptance of e-banking among customer  
7 Developing leadership skills for women in engineering and science  
8 Leadership effects on students learning medicated by teacher emotions  
9 Design and analysis of MEMS-based pressure sensor  
10 Impact of frame duration and modulation coding schemes with wi max bandwidth asymmetry in transmission control protocol variants”  
11 Adoption of digital payment gateways among the street retailers of Indore and dhar district  
12 The impact of leadership on creativity and innovation in Indian higher education  
13 Emerging methods of knowledge acquisition by the higher school teachers of Indore and Khandwa district  
14 Analysis on challenges and opportunity for Indian luggage and baggage industry post covid 19  
15 Repurchase intent and customer loyalty are directly proportion- a review based research in b2b market  
16 Study of factors affecting consumers motivation towards usage of payment bank.  
17 Qualitative study of the student’s perception towards the learning management system as a natural alternative to the normal higher education  
18 Emerging use case of digital banking in the rural markets during and after lockdown  
19 A study of factors affecting impulse buying behavior through digital media  
20 biodiversity & intellectual property right  
21 Assessing relationship between digital and customer relationship management in new era  
22 A study on the effectiveness of accrual account in standards in autonomous institutes (with special reference to the Madhya Pradesh)  
23 Emerging use case of digital banking in the rural markets during and after lockdown  
24 Effect of digital marketing on customer relationship management and purchase intention an empirical study  
25 The role of social media in expansion of Indian market post covid pandemic  
S.No Name of the Book/Chapters/ Journal Paper Published Link
1 Adaptability in Constant Modulus Algorithm and Optimization for Smart Antenna Systems  
2 International Conference on Emerging Research Trends in Applied Engineering and Technology (ICERAT 2016)  
3 Analysis of Channel Capacities for MIMO OFDM Systems  
4 Antenna Selection Techniques for Channel Capacities for MIMO OFDM Systems  
5 Signal Detection Techniques for Spatially Multiplexed MIMO Systems  
6 EECT: Energy Efficient Clustering Technique Using Node Probability in Ad-Hoc Network  
7 Design, analysis and optimization of vertical axis wind turbine blade  
8 A Systematic Literature Review of Automated Software Testing Tool  
9 An Analysis of Multipath TCP for Improving Network Performance  
10 iWAD: An Improved Wormhole Attack Detection System for Wireless Sensor Network  

3.4 Extension Activities

3.5 Collaboration

S.No Name of the MoU / Collaboration / linkage Link
1 Girlscript Education Outreach  
2 BOSCH India  
3 IIT Delhi, Virtual Lab  
4 EC Council  
5 Rewa gurjar bal niketan collage sanawad  
6 IIT Bombay, Spoken Tutorials  
8 AWS Academy  
9 UiPath Academic Alliance  
10 Methodex System Pvt.Ltd  

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