Performance of the Institution in one area distinctive to its priority and thrust within 1000 words

Following  distinctive areas  are adopted by the institute:

  1. Installation of Solar street lights as green energy initiatives.
  2. Planning to install roof top solar system to meet energy requirement.
  3. Plantation activity to promote green campus environment.
  4. Special Scholarship and freeships during covid-19 for wards of victims and Fee Concession to meritorious student up to Rs. 15000.
  5. Special Awards for meritorious students for merit in university examination.
  6. Special Concession in fee for students performing in National/ University/ State level Sports tournament.
  7. Motivation to faculty and students and special for publication of research papers in peer reviewed/SCI indexed journals up to Rs. 15000 depending on first author or as co-author.
  8. Organizing institute national level Hackathon and awarding the students.
  9. Promotion of IPR protection and special motivational award of Rs. 20000 for Indian patient and Rs. 100000 for US International Patent.
  10. Motivation to faculty for PHD and providing special leave and lab facilities.
  11. Recognition of students with more than 90 % attendance and motivating them with special concession in fee of Rs 5000.
  12. Organizing short term training programs from industry experts for skill development.
  13. Internship to the students of pre final and final year students.
  14. Startup funding for students to promote internship and facilitating incubation and innovation.
  15. Add-on courses for students to meet the requirement of corporate and improve employability.
  16. Special classes for Slow learners and provision for fast learners for research project and special hiring for skill development programs.
  17. Extension activities for sensitizing rural outreach programs.
  18. Awards to Faculty and students according to performance in Research/Academics/Sports and achieving 90% attendance.