CAREER DEVELOPMENT CELL Career Development can be defined as the assemblage of psychological, sociological, educational, physical, and economic factors that combine to influence the nature and significance of work in the total lifespan of an individual. In simpler terms it is an individual’s progression through life. Taking the right decisions at the right time contributes a great deal in creating an envious career. The Career Development Cell at Acropolis Group works towards achieving this goal. The activities workshops & programmes conducted by the CDC are a means to achieve the much sought careers and are not an end in itself. The cell provides vast opportunities for quantitative growth as they widen the student’s horizon to unimaginable prospects. The Cell makes special effort to ensure students are on target with educational and career goals, and helps them to identify the perfect career path.

In the mission of creating tomorrow’s leaders for the country, we at Career Development Cell Acropolis are extremely focused on employability skill development, entrepreneurship awareness and life skill. With a conducive environment for scholastic excellence, we encourage our students to learn by developing a holistic approach towards education. A rigorous academic regimen supported with career development cell year round skill development, entrepreneurship & extracurricular activities not only broaden their knowledge base and skill set but also imbibes in them the feeling of social and individual responsibility. The aim is to create well balanced professionals who would be the change agents of future, yet carry forward the legacy of Acropolis.

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