Training available for EC

Electronics and Communication Engineers

Embedded Systems and Applications of AVR Microcontroller

Applications of IoT – Students are trained regarding applications of IOT for the society in various domains like industrial, medical, armed forces and many more. Details of supporting technologies like Raspberry-Pi and Aurdino are also shared with the students.

Training on the topic “Evolution of Technologies in Hyper-Connected World”.

A three week training program on Introduction to MATLAB Applications, MATLAB Fundamentals, Simulink Signal Processing Toolbox, Communications Toolbox, Antenna Toolbox, Image Processing Toolbox.

Industrial Automation using PLC and SCADA – Organized and coordinated Industrial Training programs in association with Autosys, Indore.

PCB Designing & Fabrication” is conducted under the aegis of ISTE (Indian Society for Technical Education) Students Chapter – Hands on training for designing PCB on Eagle software followed by hardware fabrication and component assembly were covered. After circuit fabrication testing is done by the students to ensure proper working of the circuit.