Technical Skill Development Cell

Empowering Youth of Nation through expertise

The regular improvement in technology and at each field of education demands perfection from students also to get familiar with everything. To attain this task Technical Skill Development Cell (TSDC) offers affluent program and opportunities to increase soft skills of the students beyond the main degree to assist them to stand out in the job market and improve their curriculum.

About TSDC

Looking at the ever increasing demand for professional expertise and with the objective of bridging gap between academia and what industry needs, Acropolis Group of Institutions took initiative and launched its Technical Skills Development Cell (TSDC) in the year 2011

TSDC has started its operations with the sole aim of grooming students professionally so that they can map themselves to current market needs. The IT giants and MNCs undoubtedly give preference to the certified professionals. The certifications offered under TSDC gives the students an upper hand during recruitments, guaranteeing quality employment, hence, TSDC works as a platform wherein students can promote themselves in a much better and confident manner in today’s competitive market.

TSDC Vision & Mission

Technical Skills Development Cell is an initiative by Acropolis Technical Campus with the vision to groom students professionally, so that they can map with the current Industry demands and contribute something to our society and nation.

Inspired by requirement in the industry, TSDC started initiative to provide Acropolis students cost effective training on various cutting edge technologies and various industry recognized certification courses to bridge the gap between industry and available talent pool.

TSDC is working with the aim to broaden the professional horizons of our students and to create necessary awareness in them with latest technological trends.


The demand for professionals in information technology (IT) is high. Certification exams are gaining more and more importance as the competition for jobs intensifies. They are going to open the doors for the dream jobs. As Oracle quotes, “In a recent salary report of certified professionals by Certification Magazine, Oracle Certified Professionals were found to earn the highest average salaries as compared to any other DBA or Developer professionals.”

Research indicates that certified individuals have increased competence, productivity, and credibility with their employers, co-workers, and clients. For employers, the certification provides skill-verification tools that not only help to assess a person’s skills in using Microsoft Office programs but also the ability to quickly complete on-the-job tasks across multiple programs in the Microsoft Office system.

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