ExpertLecture on New Education Policy (NEP)

  • July 28, 2023 - 09:00
  • SKITM, Indore

Shivajirao Kadam  Institute of Technology and Management, Indore celebrated the completion  of three  successful  years  of New Education  Policy  (NEP) on  28/07/2023. The  chief  guest for this occasion was Dr. Sangeeta Jain, Chairman, Board  of Studies (Management) and  Director, Institute of Management Studies, DAVV, Indore. Dr. Jain in her  speech threw  light  on  the  purpose and  importance of  NEP in student’s life and career. She  laid the  emphasis  on the  holistic development  of the  students along  with the  academic  development  and  motivated  the  students to  grow  up  with  the  three quotients in their  life- Intelligence quotient, Emotional quotient and  also the  physical quotient. She explained the importance of this third quotient in a student life as healthy mind lives in a healthy  body.  In her words of wisdom, “Spirituality can  come in any age. It is not related to religion. To be spiritual is necessary as it pure the soul”.


Director, FMS, Dr. Sumeet Khurana  welcomed Dr. Jain and thanked her for her precious presence on  this occasion. Welcome speech was given  by Dr. Manish Jain. A large number of  management (IMBA  and  MBA) students along  with  the  faculty  members were present on this occasion.


Prepared by-

Dr. Shilpi Mehta



  • Start Date:July 28, 2023
  • Start Time:09:00
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  • Location:SKITM, Indore
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