Dr. Sumeet Khurana


Faculty of Management Studies

MBA in today’s scenario is considered as a basic qualification for management positions be it in the Finance, Marketing, and HR department of an organization. The major advantages of pursuing MBA is the exposure to the theories of management and their practical implications, understanding the actual organizational environment, the working culture and learning the ways to become successful managers in various disciplines.

In present globally acquired business environment, dynamic managers having vision, resourcefulness and proficiency to face the problems and challenges are in demand.

Keeping this in view, the Department of Management Studies, trains the students with quality education and skill sets required in the business world. The pedagogy followed is in coherence with the current requirements in order to bring out the best in the students to be successful managers.

The institution has highly competent, committed and proficient faculty who have associated their personal aims and growth with that of the institution. We concentrate on providing soft skills with special emphasis on spoken English, role plays, case discussions, mock interviews, group discussions etc.

Intake, Affiliation and Duration

Intake: 180

Duration: 02 Years

Approved By: AICTE

Affiliation: DAVV, Indore.

Specializations Offered:Marketing, Finance, HR, IT, Operations & Production, Business Analytics.


To inculcate values which empower students to face challenges and develop vibrant academic environment for best quality education.


To nurture the skill sets which are highly required by the service sector by producing more holistic managers who will practice the management profession with a deeper understanding of global challenges. A rigorous programme focusing on 360-degree development, one to one mentoring, exposure to corporate working and practical oriented teaching.

SN Name of Faculty Designation Email id
1 Dr. Sumeet Khurana Professor and Director [email protected]
2 Dr. Manish Jain Professor [email protected]
3 Dr. Shilpi Mehta Associate Professor [email protected]
4 Dr. Rajat Jain Assistant Professor [email protected]
5 Dr. Utkarsha Soni Assistant Professor [email protected]
5 Prof. Shyam Tiwari Assistant Professor [email protected]
6 Prof. Rajneesh Ajmani Assistant Professor [email protected]
7 Prof. Ruchi Jain Assistant Professor [email protected]
8 Prof. Molly Kundu Assistant Professor [email protected]
9 CA Shailendra Godha Assistant Professor [email protected]
10 Prof. Shailandra Jain Assistant Professor [email protected]
11 Prof. Shivali Dighe Assistant Professor [email protected]
12 Prof. Trapti Tawar Assistant Professor [email protected]
13 Prof. Rajnandini Puranik Assistant Professor [email protected]
14 Prof. Shruti Godha Assistant Professor [email protected]
15 Prof. Kirti Patidar Assistant Professor [email protected]
16 Prof. Dheeraj Mishra Assistant Professor [email protected]
17 Prof. Rishabh Khandelwal Assistant Professor [email protected]
18 Yash Jain Assistant Professor [email protected]
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of management science to solve complex corporate problems using limited resources.
  • Research literature and identify and analyze management research problems.
  • Identify business opportunities, design and implement innovations in workspace.
  • Apply reasoning informed by the contextual knowledge to assess societal, health, safety, legal, and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to management practice.
  • Apply ethical principles and make ethical choices.
  • Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams, and in multidisciplinary settings.
  • Communicate effectively with all stakeholders of his role as a manager.
  • Engage in independent and life-long learning.
  • The learning goals of the programme are aligned with the mission of the Institute. The specific educational objectives of the  programme are as follows.:
  • Enable students to understand the relevance of context in business
  • Develop social consciousness
  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Inculcate integrative thinking ability
  • Promote interpersonal awareness and ability to work in groups
  • Enable students to learn how to apply the basic principles of communication in order to write effective business messages, case analysis, and reports.
  • Develop competence in quantitative analysis
  • Prepare business leaders with a sound understanding of ethics
  • The programme is spread over two years, each year consisting of two terms. In between the first and second years, the participant spends eight weeks on a summer project in a business organization.
  • Skill Development Courses: These include Communication, Leadership, Spreadsheet Modeling, Entrepreneurial Orientation, Innovation and Design Thinking and Sustainability, taught in a workshop-based format.

  • Creating an Environment for enhancing Problem Solving Skills via Case Study based teaching, Group Discussions and Management Games.
  • 360 Degree Development of Students- Regular Personality Development/ Career development Sessions to make them stand outside the crowd.
  • International Language Cell- Association with Japanese Language Trainers from Japan to teach Japanese and generate overseas employment opportunities.
  • One to One Mentoring of young students and molding them to become responsible leaders.
  • Real Time Corporate Experience during Internship after every semester.
  • Association with management bodies like All India Management Association & IMA.
  • Regular Management Club Activities & Value added certification – MS Excel & Power-point, Digital Media Marketing, Financial Modelling, Data Analytics & R programming.

MBA Events




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  • SKITM, Indore




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