Vision and Mission


Holistic development of the learner through excellence in education, innovation & research.


  1. Creating an environment which fosters discussion among the students & faculty for foundation of novel ideas.
  2. To produce competitive and academically empowered stakeholders, who stand at the forefront of the employment curve.
  3. To help students become well-rounded individuals, who can think critically about issues from multiple perspectives, communicate effectively and become leaders with a commitment to public service.
  4. Provide students with real world experience through extensive training and Industrial exposure.
  5. To provide Top Quality education at an affordable cost.
  6. Create world class infrastructure for a better learning experience.
  7. To establish ourselves as the center for innovation & creativity.
  8. To become a Top School in India, which is academically and socially recognized for its Impact on the industry and the society.
  9. To have a strong alumni base across the world at positions of power.
  10. To develop partnerships with globally and nationally recognized institutions and organisations.
  11. To promote professionalism, gender equality, transparency, practice based learning & ethics.
  12. To play an instrumental role in Societal Transformation.
  13. To be Stimulant in the growth of the region.
  14. Create an environment of Holistic learning.
  15. To have an increasing value of our degree over the years.

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