FMS IIT Bombay Workshop on Securing MNC Placements

  • December 31, 2023 - 09:00
  • SKITM, Indore

Shivajirao Kadam Institute of Technology and Management,Indore

Faculty of Management
Studies in association with
IIT‎ Bombay‎‎ Present’s

A‎‎ Free  Webinar on‎ How to get a‎ Placement‎‎  in‎ Multinational Companies

Where: Zoom‎ App
When :‎  December‎ 31,‎ 2023‎  7:00‎ PM India and Monday 11:00 AM
Webinar‎ ID :-‎‎ 848 6886 0756

This‎‎ webinar is for all year students‎ of‎‎ our College

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After attending‎‎ this‎ webinar‎ you will‎ get‎ clarity‎‎ on

1.Why 80%‎ of‎ the‎‎ Management students‎ are‎‎ underemployed‎ (Paid‎‎ less)
2.How‎ to get‎‎ minimum‎ 15‎‎ LPA +‎‎ package
3.What are‎‎ 3‎‎ criteria‎‎ company‎ uses‎‎ to shortlist your profile
4.What‎ is‎ ATS‎ &‎‎ Why top‎‎ 500‎ companies uses‎ it‎‎ to‎ shortlist‎ candidate
5.How‎‎ to get‎‎ a job‎ during‎ recession‎‎ and‎ layoff
6.‎ Hacks‎ for‎‎ LinkedIn‎ and‎ other online‎ job‎‎ portals‎ to stand‎ ahead‎ from‎ competition
7.Roadmap‎ of‎ top Institute‎ students‎ like‎ IIM,‎‎ Stanford, Harvard etc.on‎ how they‎‎ get‎ early‎‎ &‎‎ high‎‎ paying‎ job‎‎    ‎‎  ‎‎  ‎  ‎    ‎  ‎

Note: If‎‎ you‎ are‎ not‎ able to‎ open‎ the link‎ send‎ “Hi”‎‎ and open‎ the chat‎‎ again

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Team FMS


  • Start Date:December 31, 2023
  • Start Time:09:00
  • End Date:January 1, 2024
  • End Time:16:00
  • Location:SKITM, Indore
  • Website:www.skitm.in