Industry Visit: Jimmy McGilligan Centre

  • August 18, 2018 - 11:00

Industry Visit: Jimmy McGilligan Centre

Students of B.Tech (Computer Science Engineering ) visited Jimmy McGilligan Centre for Sustainable Development in village Sanawadiya, Indore today and witnessed various unique applied technologies and live projects of Sustainable Development at the center. Also seen various types of solar cookers, operational windmill and solar power station including solar dryer and live kitchen. Head of the center Dr (Mrs.) Janak Palta McGilligan gave a PPT presentation about their activity and also answered students question . Mr. Mithaq Kazimi , a unique film maker from USA also invited students to take up the #2030 challenge to save our environment. Mr. Rajendra and his wife Mrs. Nanda were the guides during the visit. Environmentalist Dr Saini also answered various questions of students. Prof. Manoj Mishra and Prof. Rinku Yadav accompanied students during the educational tour cum industry visit.


  • Start Date:August 18, 2018
  • Start Time:11:00
  • End Date:August 18, 2018
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