Testimonial Category: Student

Vaibhavi Shah

SKITM makes me the best version of myself. All faculty members and our seniors encourage us for all extracurricular activities. I felt grateful that the mentors are supportive and guide me. In the last, my experience in SKITM is great and memorable.

Sarthak Rawat

I joined SKITM in 2018 for B.Tech and now SKITM has changed my life completely. This institute brings that supremacy of examination in me to scrutinize myself. Besides that, this institute works in all our pheripheral development, which helps us to achieve our goals. The motive of this institution is to work in all the […]

Honey Hardasani

For B.Tech, I joined the SKITM in 2018 and SKITM has a wonderful environment of studies. It changed the dynamics of academics. The faculty and management of the college guides you in every field for building our career. Besides that, this institute works in the nourishment of students where they get to know their potential […]

Ayush Mamoriya

I can positively say SKITM College of Engineering has made me a better person. It has helped me develop a positive attitude towards my studies and discover more about myself. Teachers are very caring and interested in students’ well-being. They make sure every class is educational and interactive.

Zubeida Khan

I thank SKITM family for encouraging me to think globally and spread my wings to take off to the land of the rising sun, my college life gives me a memory to cherish for a lifetime.

Kriti Jain

SKITM has given a platform to share ideas, build personality. It has good exposure to every kind of facility like the lab, instruments, library, fest, seminar etc. The thing which I like most was that faculties are very helpful and always encourage us to grow up in curricular and cocurricular activities and always being with […]

Sheenam Qureshi

SKITM has fulfilled all my requirements and helped me to grow and evolve as a professional. The classes are very interactive. Apart from academics, my department always takes extra effort by providing us with opportunities like software training, industrial visits, internship etc. to develop our skills required to match the needs of the industry. I […]

Mahima Sharma

It was my immense luck and fortune to be the part of SKITM college where I can grow. It been a great contributor to the development of my personality. It gave me an opportunity to meet different kind of people and learned many things.

Nikita Mishra

It was a great experience studying at SKITM, a memory to cherish for lifetime. My experience at SKITM was full of learning and grooming. The entire faculty and department leaves no stone unturned to shape one’s future. Huge respect, love and devotion for the entire faculty, members and department.

Anjali Chouhan

Throughout my two years of MBA at SKITM, I had countless opportunities to develop analytical skills, leadership and proactive thinking through various programs and events. These attributes were the key reasons because of which I was very much confident to face the real world. Big thanks to all my faculty and friends for the amazing […]